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Are jeans supposed to be fashionable?

Pants. Humble work pants that were hard but comfortable. When I was about ten years old, that’s exactly what my favorite jeans were, at least for me.

These days, already grown and everything, I head to the stores looking for a pair of jeans and very quickly, any strange notion of what I thought were jeans, dissipates in an instant. Today, jeans have gone decidedly luxurious.

Yes, humble jeans are still the basic garment of choice for anyone involved in work or leisure, but somewhere during the last ten or fifteen years or so, the fashion world has taken our favorite garments and given them A makeover. I never thought I would see the day when Giorgio Armani or Hugo Boss included among their anticipated collections, their own taste of jeans.

So, what have these great fashion names brought to the party? Well, first of all, they have brought us a new distinction in the vocabulary of fashion: fashion jeans.

That is not the only thing that they have given us. Along with the new terminology, we now have to consider a new price range.

Now call me old-fashioned, but I find it difficult to justify disbursing the amount of money that I am more used to spending on a suit, on a single pair of fashionable jeans. There are times when however hard I try, I can not for my life, see something special in some of the leading jeans designers that could justify the price. Is it the cut? Is it the material? (I thought they were all 100% cotton!)

Do not get me wrong, I’m sure that fashion jeans are very well made and I’m sure they are up to the job, after all, no worthwhile designer would dare to put his name on a garment that was below average. They have their empires to consider. All I’m saying is that it would be very difficult for me to justify that kind of disbursement.

Fortunately for the fashion industry, it does not depend on my purchases to sustain itself. It is based on the ever changing trends of the global population that buys fashion and that, apparently, have no qualms about delivering the sale price for the latest fashion jeans or the latest fashions.

If you’re looking for jeans, it’s fair to buy what you like. Whether it’s normal jeans (like mine) or trendy jeans, but more to the point, you’ll buy them wherever you want. The only advice I would like to convey is the place to buy them. In summary, it is internet. Brand, no brand, basic or high fashion, you simply will not find them cheaper or more abundant than online.

The humble jeans, they would have thought.

Happy purchase!

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