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Rules for wrapping a torn fashion Jean

It is not necessary to be a rock star or a celebrity to wear these modern broken jeans, although I can not deny that once, during the 60s and 70s, they were fashionable garments of such famous brands. Naturally, there was nothing more fitting than these broken jeans for those who barely felt traumatized by the critics and most of the time had been busy to entertain people.

Very soon, these pants became the most appropriate weapon for those who wanted to rebel against the system and the fashion police. They became a mark of aggression. If you also possess the “do not listen to what people say” nature, then there is nothing to stop you from wearing these sensational and sensual broken jeans.

It is a trend accepted and enjoyed by Hollywood celebrities, sports stars, fashionistas and all those who want to break the rules and create their own identity. The “take it all easily and lightly” philosophy of teenagers makes these jeans an instant success in teenagers’ closets.

However, simply going to a store is not enough to buy the best pair of torn jeans. It is necessary to be careful of some factors while going for such. You also need to learn how to customize it and how to choose the best women’s tops and clothes for him.

No automatic ripping: torn pants should look old and worn. Although it is advisable to tear a pair of old jeans on your own, most of the time the attempts fail. It happens since not everyone is an expert in ripping. After all, using sandpaper and sandblasting is not that easy. In addition, it is possible that your jeans do not look much older to give a perfect look. However, you are lucky if your father works in a construction company.

What’s new is gold: therefore, it is better to buy a new pair of broken jeans. However, there may be different nuances and designs, the best one is one that looks old. Your new partner must appear discolored. There should be a blur around the tears. Make sure the tears have layers of threads around them.

Not too open: wearing a torn jeans is always a symbol of unconventional modernity, but wearing something that leads to nudity is not a good move. Therefore, always take care of the numbers, the size and the location of your tears in the jeans. Make sure tears do not exceed five to six inches. Also, the hip area should not tear too wildly. It is better to tear the knees, calves and thighs only.

Fitted shoes: Taking into account their casual nature, you must combine a torn jeans with shoes that highlight their beauty. Sandals, especially wedge sandals are the most appropriate. Testing floors and pumps may be another option. I have also seen women using crocodiles. However, nothing can match the magic of high heels.

Keep a tab in The Tops: this is the most important aspect to consider. Choose some fashionable tops. The current year has brought a madness for the purple shirts. Put a floral top. The satin tops in peach, olive and green look great. A matching leather jacket also works.

Exciting accessories: to improve your fashion quotient in a more prolific way, you should try some good and modern accessories. Try some designer necklaces for more modern looks. It is always exciting to choose necklaces and earrings that are similar in color to your jeans. Just imagine wearing a worn blue worn jeans with a shiny blue collar made of artificial pearls. Use a designer or metal belt.

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