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Fashion jeans: your jeans can look new forever

It’s a wonderful feeling when you put on your new jeans, but it’s really a nightmare when the same pair of new jeans gets old only after a few weeks of use and washing. It makes you think you just threw your money in the trash! However, there are some remedies that help fashionable jeans to look new for a longer period of time. Read the following useful tips:

His pants look dirty and wrinkled when he does not bother to hang them on the hanger or hang them on the hanger that is not designed for them. Therefore, the best way is to continue using the hanger that came in your pair of jeans.

Make sure you fold your jeans the right way. You fold them the same way they were folded when they were presented to you in the store. It could be in many different ways, such as folding on the side or front, or from the bottom up.

A major problem with jeans is that they lose their novelty due to the discoloration of the denim. To avoid that, add a few quarts in little water and soak your jeans for some time; This must be done before giving them the first wash.

To maximize the age of your jeans, wash them from the inside out in a gentle wash cycle. This will prevent them from moving abruptly in the washing machine and turning them upside down will help the upper surface is not directly exposed to strong chemical detergents.

When you take off your pants, be sure to make the buttons and zippers; This helps them maintain their form.

Always air dry your jeans, never go to dry machines. This will protect them from sudden drops in the dryer and when placed in a flat position to dry in the air will avoid the marks that may appear if you try to dry them in plastic or wooden dryers.

Planchalas when they are little humid; This ensures to maintain its original form.

By following these simple tips, you can prevent your jeans from aging rapidly.

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